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I have been diligently working at the Capitol to tackle several critical issues. My focus has been on fostering responsible growth, safeguarding election integrity by penalizing deep fakes, easing the regulatory burden and fees on small businesses, and finding a solution for high property taxes. Additionally, I have worked towards ensuring that the teaching of Critical Race Theory is NOT allowed in public schools. While my tenure has been busy, I am determined to continue my efforts and achieve even more in the future.

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Association County Commissioners of Georgia, Awards Rep. Brad Thomas with 2023 Legislative Service Award

The ACCG selected Rep. Thomas for his legislative efforts to balance the rights of both property owners and local governing bodies. During the 2023 legislative session, Rep. Thomas introduced House Bill 374, legislation that addresses a long-standing ACCG policy by allowing property owners to de-annex from a city without the city having unilateral veto authority over the de-annexation. This legislation also included safeguards for cities, including the ability for a city to object to a de-annexation if it harms the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

Rep. Thomas Presents House Bill 986: Artificial Intelligence
Transparency and Protection Act

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an incredible tool, it's crucial to have sensible regulations on its use in political campaigns; HB 986's aim is to do just that. This prohibits campaigns and untraceable money groups from intentionally creating false, but realistic, portrayals of someone else with the goal of unduly influencing an election.  It is important to note that this legislation only applies to campaigns and campaign organizations, not to regular citizens.  It only pertains to false depictions of another person, and never to satire or content that any reasonable person can tell is fake. This law exclusively targets career politicians and political operatives, making it an obvious choice.

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Stopping Critical Race Theory

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"We are grateful for Rep. Thomas' unwavering dedication to Georgia’s children," said Tony Roberts, President and CEO of the Georgia Charter Schools Association. "His leadership and support have improved funding, resources, and access to Georgia’s public charter schools and benefited more than 62,000 students across the state."

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