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Brad D. Thomas is a strong conservative, husband, father, businessman, engineer, Christian, and veteran.  He took office on January 11th, 2021 ready to fight for his constituents with a commitment to ensuring their voices are heard and to ensure the integrity of our elections. 

Representative Thomas has stood for our country and our conservative American values from the very start.  Only days after turning eighteen years old, he enlisted in the US Navy serving in the fleet as an engineer.  He spent several years forward deployed serving in Europe, the Baltic, and the Persian Gulf.  He was honorably discharged in 2001.

Thomas, leaving the Navy with little more than his car and a bag of clothes, used his GI Bill to put himself through college.  Over twenty years later, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, he now partners in a local engineering firm.  He believes family comes first with his wife, Jenny, and their two children on the top of his list.  Otherwise, his time outside of legislative duties is spent running his business and working to design our infrastructure and manufacturing facilities.  His passion is growing private sector jobs.  In addition, he serves on the Board for Encompass Ministries and regularly works with many of the local Christian non-profit groups.

Frustrated with government and  tired of the same old politicians making promises but getting nothing accomplished he was inspired by President Trump.  Thomas  ran as a successful businessman and a political outsider.  Putting his skills to work, during his short period in office, he has already voted to reduce taxes, fight for election integrity, and has worked diligently to fulfil his campaign promises.

Representative Thomas continues to run on a platform of conservatism, America First and small government policies.  He will continue the fight against government overreach, ensure our police and teachers are supported and fully funded, and for private sector growth here in Cherokee County.


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