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Brad's platform

My entire life, I have had a passion for troubleshooting and solving problems. I enlisted in the Navy because I love this country, and I worked in the engineering department because I have always had a knack for fixing what’s broken. I sought a degree in engineering because I wanted to learn advanced techniques to solve the most complicated of problems. Now, I look at how my friends and neighbors in Cherokee are affected by the unique problems in our area and I feel called to action. I am running to be your representative in State House District 21 because I think the State of Georgia needs more people who want to solve problems and fewer who want to exacerbate them.

As a part of our community, I understand the concerns of the residents of Cherokee County and will stay committed to real solutions and not short-term band-aids. I am a professional problem solver who wants to continue to make the most sensible and efficient decisions possible. I want to keep Georgia the best place to operate a business and Cherokee County the best place to start, raise a family, and retire. I want nothing more than to see the success of our community's neighbors, working families, seniors, veterans and ensure our children continue to have access to the American Dream!

Economic Development
Quality of Life

As a FATHER, I am aware of the responsibilities we have to our children in ensuring they are ready for the challenges ahead.  I will work with local school officials to ensure our children's educations are innovative and set them up for the future.

As a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, I know the challenges faced by government regulation and taxation.  I will focus on keeping our Government Small and Taxes Low for our Families and Businesses!

As a PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER, I am a problem solver.  I will use my skillset and work with our local county government to get some much needed relief for HWY 140 and funding to our area.

As a VETERAN, I know what it means to serve and fight for my country and fellow citizens.  I want to see our neighbors spending more time doing what the love with those they love!

American flag waving


I believe we need a conservative voice and leader with a proven track record for success representing Cherokee County.  I will be your advocate for limited government who fights for the following issues:


  • Cutting Wasteful Government Spending

  • More Government Transparency

  • Ensuring Religious Freedom

  • Reducing Tax liabilities on Households and Business

  • Protecting all Life

  • Preserving our Right to Bear Arms


Quality of life

Quality of life means different things to different people.  For some, it's spending time fishing with a good friend, for others it's having that extra time to spend with their families, and some just want to spend their time quietly by themselves.  No matter what, the common denominators are time and opportunity. 

As your neighbor, I know too well the stress of a commute on our community.  I am dedicated to ensuring Cherokee County is a place where opportunities exist for us to live, work, and play. I am committed to building an infrastructure that supports all of our neighbors.  So we can have the best quality of life here in Cherokee.

As a VETERAN, I committed to fighting for our freedoms and quality of life the day I enlisted.  While in the Navy, I was sent on multiple deployments and missed out on holidays, BBQ's and family events.  I know first-hand how valuable time with loved ones is and I will fight for policies that positively impact our citizens lives.

Girls Studying

advancing education

Education is the most valuable possession we can bestow on our children and an investment in the future of our great country.  It's the foundation of the American Dream and an obligation of The State of Georgia for the success of our generations to come.  


For me, providing an education is more than just ensuring funding is in place.  The education system should be forward thinking and preparing our children for the world years from now.  80% of our fastest growing jobs are in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  

I own a STEM based business and see the growth of the industry every day I go to work. I will fight to make sure our children get a  21st century education.

As a FATHER, I will not only ensue funding is in place for our  kids but also fight for policies that focus our tax dollars towards educational programs that are innovative and creative.


traffic congestion

Traffic is a fact of life in Cherokee County.  With the explosive growth in our community combined with infrastructure not scheduled to be expanded for decades in the future, things are going to get worse.  State HWY 140 is not scheduled for widening until the mid-2030's.  That's not going to cut it.


We need a representative who understands what it takes to get funding directed to our area and how to work with local engineers to use it as efficiently as possible.  It shouldn't be Cherokee County's residents sole burden to fund widening state owned roads.


As a PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER, I am a natural problem solver and I understand what it takes to design and build.  I believe my background uniquely qualifies me to best reduce our traffic woes.

Veteran Memorial Service

veterans affairs

Cherokee County has the 3rd highest percentage population of veterans as well as one of the largest numbers of homeless veterans in the state.  I am active in local veterans’ groups, and know the struggles these veterans face.

We need elected officials who have the desire to fight for our heroes and I intend to be that voice. 


Packaging Factory

economic development

Government works best when it stays out of the way of innovation and provides an environment where businesses can flourish. Georgia is the number one state in to do business and I want to see Cherokee County considered the best county in the best state to do business.

To make sure Cherokee County is the #1 place to do business, we need to:

  • Keep our Taxes Low

  • Reduce Burdensome Regulations and Red Tape

  • Promote Entrepreneurship

  • Continuously Improve Education

  • Keep Infrastructure a Priority

As a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, I am proud to sign paychecks and will keep government out of the private sector!

Conservative Values
Veteran Affairs

Issues important to you

Do you have an issue you would looked into?  Click the button below and let me know what's on your mind.

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