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the candidate  fighting for what makes cherokee unique!

BRAD believes in responsible growth!

Long before running for office, I was fighting to maintain the character of our home. Cherokee County is the Jewel of Georgia. We aren't burdened with too many high density neighborhoods, we still have plenty of rural space, and an exceptional school system.  All that combined with great entertainment and dining choices.  Our county's character could go by the wayside if we don't start developing Cherokee in a responsible manner now.  We need all levels of government to working together to develop our community. 


As the state laws are currently written, the municipalities have policy written significantly in their favor over county government.  We need to create a system that benefits all residents.


why is this a state issue?

I believe in true local control.  Local citizens deserve to develop their neighborhoods the way they see fit.  That's not the case when a city annexes and rezones a property.  If you don't live in the annexing municipality, you have no vote or right to run against one of the city council members.  So a city has full authority to exert it's will regardless of locals resident's vision for their community.

   This is taxation without representation and that's not the American Way!

The State of Georgia enumerates the powers available to counties and municipalities, and that is why I believe the annexation and rezoning process is a state issue beyond a local issue. Unincorporated Cherokee County voters are subjected to the implications arising out of annexation and rezoning without a voice or avenue to provide a check to the municipality that is effecting their lives.  If they do decide to fight it will be at a significant financial cost in court.  This needs to be fixed and a more fair and balanced system needs to be created.

a councilman's view on local control

I understand the argument that you can't vote for people making a decision about a piece of property near you [but] that's just the way it works in the world.

- Rob Usher Woodstock City Council Ward 6

why do you say the CITY OF woodstock broke the law?

Any municipality reviewing an application to annex or rezone a property is required to provide proper notice pursuant O.C.G.A. 36-66-4 otherwise known as Zoning Procedure Law.  The law requires that "notice, … shall include the location of the property, the present zoning classification of the property, and the proposed zoning classification of the property…”

The City of Woodstock advertised the zoning as R-15 but rezoned the property to R-1, R-2 and CV.  That is a violation of Zoning Procedures Law and the State Supreme Court has already ruled that STRICT adherence is required.  This prevented the opposition from properly preparing for the hearing.  I personally made the City aware of this violation prior to the ratification of the ordinance.  It's obvious the Woodstock City Council had little concern for Arnold Mill and Air Acres Residents right to due process.

All Residents deserve to have their rights honored and respected.  The City of Woodstock knowingly failed to be transparent to both the local residents and the county government.  We cannot allow for a government entity to trample on our rights.  

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