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Sports betting in history

A few days ago I told you about the antiquity of sports betting, which dates back to the time of the Greeks and later the Romans. The Romans loved betting and enjoyed it whenever they had the opportunity, regardless of the social scale of the people, everyone bet.

In those years, the most popular bets were on gladiator fights, which were considered a sport and where huge amounts of money were made. With the passing of time, sports betting took a pause until the arrival of the Middle Ages.

In the Middle Ages there was also sports betting

In the Middle Ages, sports betting was widespread, the word "sport" being understood as horse jousting, fights, duels, etc. In spite of the great fame they had, many rulers took different measures to prohibit them, but the only thing that was achieved was that clandestine bets were made.

With the passage of time, those bets of the Middle Ages gave way to horse racing, something that spread like wildfire in the United Kingdom. Such was its success that the English colonists took this trend to the United States, where it was also a great success and quickly became one of the main entertainments for the general public.

At the beginning of the 20th century, horse racing was already a big event, but betting also began to appear for sports such as soccer, a sport that was gradually becoming more and more successful. After that, and with the proliferation of other sports, the range of betting possibilities widened.

But if there is a real revolution in the history of sports betting, it is the one we are currently experiencing with the Internet and online bookmakers, something that no one would have imagined two or three decades ago and especially after the germ began centuries ago with the Greeks.

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